Supreme Court employees prepare state-funded election night war room

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Forum today called upon Chief Judge Gary Wade to shut down plans of a state-funded election night war room and take immediate disciplinary action against the Administrative Office of the Court (AOC) employees involved.

Tennessee Watchdog reported this morning that AOC employees sent emails indicating plans for an election night war room to monitor results real time.

“This is unacceptable. These employees are all under the authority of the Supreme Court and engaged in political activity,” said Susan Kaestner. “This Supreme Court is already under an ethical cloud regarding their campaign activity. This is just one more example of partisan Democrat politics — only this time using state resources. Tennesseans deserve better.”

The report that state employees have been making preparations for an election night war room follows news yesterday that Stewart County Election Commissioner Robert Mallory filed a detailed complaint against judges’ coordinated campaign with the Registry of Election Finance. 

The complaint included evidence of various campaign malfeasance by the judges up to and including a Class C misdemeanor. Find the complaint here.

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