Rep. Eddie Smith Named Worst Freshman Legislator

Rep. Eddie Smith Named Worst Freshman Legislator

Rep. Eddie Smith Named Worst Freshman Legislator

In 2014 Eddie Smith campaigned as a principled conservative dedicated to the precepts of the conservative cause.1  It now seems as if those “principles” have taken a back seat to his almost manic focus on re-election.  

Consider Smith’s actions on two conservative hot button bills this year:  a bill that would have prevented males from using girls’ showers and locker rooms in public schools (HB2414)2 and a bill that would have stopped the taxpayer subsidy of the government collection of union dues (HB2229).3

Smith voted to pass HB2414 in Education Subcommittee.4   Then, when the ACLU and several left-leaning education officials raised their ire, he voted to kill the bill in the full Education Committee.5  When conservatives complained and fought for a re-hearing, Smith again changed and voted for the bill.6 

Smith played the same game with HB2229, voting for the bill in Education Subcommittee7 and then, under pressure from government unions voting to kill the same bill in the full Education Committee despite telling the sponsors of HB2229 he supported the bill. 8

Observers on both bills noted that Smith’s primary consideration during both debates seemed to be how to maximize votes in his re-election.  So much for being a principled conservative! 

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