Rep. Gerald McCormick Named One Of 2016′s Best Legislators

Rep. Gerald McCormick Named One Of 2016's Best Legislators

Rep. Gerald McCormick Named One Of 2016′s Best Legislators

Gerald McCormick does not fit in a politically correct world. The Forum suspects Hans Christian Andersen’s child character, who announced the Emperor had no clothes, was patterned after a young Gerald who would indeed have called the Emperor naked.  The hallmark of McCormick’s leadership has been his fearless challenge to entrenched bureaucracies and powerful fiefdoms created by decades of single party rule.  The following is a sample of those challenges.  

In 2014 McCormick was the only member of House leadership willing to confront the insular, opaque and politically powerful fiefdom of the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission. (“JEPC”)  In an open letter McCormick said, “The JPEC literally determines which judges we citizens have the opportunity to vote for by weeding out the bad judges and keeping the good judges.”  McCormick said, “The only problem is that the JPEC, in its entire history, has never found a bad judge. After the June 24th hearing, chaired by Sen. Mike Bell, we know why. The system is rigged so that no judge ever loses his or her job.”21

McCormick was quick to call out the local Chamber of Commerce for their mixed up priorities as they pandered to the “social justice” movement.  The Chamber protested a bill prohibiting male students from using female locker rooms and showers in public schools but ignored children who were literally dying from violence in the streets of Chattanooga.22

For his fearless challenges to bloated, elite and pompous fiefdoms, the Tennessee Forum recognizes Gerald McCormick for his courage in leadership and proclaims him one of the best legislators of the 109th General Assembly.

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