Rep. Jay Reedy Is Rookie Of The Year!

State Rep. Jay Reedy Named Freshman Of The Year

State Rep. Jay Reedy Named Freshman Of The Year

When Jay Reedy defeated longtime incumbent Democrat John Tidwell, the first reaction among many in legislative plaza was “who?”  

But Reedy had no problem bringing his principles and campaign promises to Nashville.  He quickly showed who he was and what he was made of when he defied the caucus pecking order and filed his own bills to cut the Hall Tax, increase benefits for veterans, and curb asset forfeiture abuse. In doing so, he earned the praises of taxpayers, the respect of his colleagues and the ire of more than a few lobbyists.

A lot of Reedy’s bills ran into trouble when politically calculating legislators refused to back him, but the citizens of Tennessee would be better served if more freshman members fought for their values instead of focusing on re-election.

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