About Us

The Tennessee Forum stepped into politics for the first time during the state income tax wars of 1999. That’s when they learned about the egregious culture at that time of a legislature that thought nothing of leaving a vote open on the House floor for hours while arm twisting to change votes took place in the Capitol’s backrooms.  The tax opposition experience combined with unacceptable voting tactics whet their appetite for grassroots political work. In 2002, Susan Kaestner, current President of the Forum, was handed the reins to pursue its political involvement and activities as they related to state government.  The Tennessee Forum is not beholden to special interests groups, its principals take no remuneration for their political work, and it operates strictly from the perspectives of concerned citizens of Tennessee.

Susan has a background in graphics and public relations/communications. She left the work force to stay at home and raise her two daughters.  A recent empty nester, she volunteers in the community and her church, as well as promotes grassroots political advocacy.  She calls a small farm in Williamson County home, where she provides for the daily needs of one husband, one dog, two working cats, four cows, four horses and 60,000 honey bees.